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Pornhub are not the good guys (Huck)

Pornhub are not the good guys
After news that Pornhub has deleted 80 per cent of its content, attorney Dr Ann Olivarius argues these reforms do not go far enough.

“Instead of praising Pornhub, let’s bury non-consensual image abuse once and for all. Let’s force MindGeek, WGCZ Holdings (owner of XVideos) and all other porn suppliers to put harm prevention before exploitative profit.”

Our Senior Partner Ann Olivarius writes for Huck Magazine about Pornhub’s recent removal of unverified content. It shouldn’t be up to credit card companies to force this change – governments should listen to victims and mandate that all porn sites verify consent.

These changes are needed to protect women, LGBTQ+ people, children and all victims of image-based abuse.