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From Enlightenment to Allegations: Anonymous Female Follower Sues Swami Chetanananda for Sexual Assault (Frank Report)


An anonymous woman filed a federal lawsuit against J. Michael Shoemaker, AKA Swami Chetanananda, claiming he subjected her to unwanted fondling, digital insertion into her vagina several times, and choking her one time for a “next level orgasm.”

Shoemaker, 74, who wears the orange robes of the Hindu Order of the Swamis, is the founder, spiritual director, and “guru” of the Movement Center.

The adult woman, identified only as GM in the lawsuit but known to the Frank Report, claims Shoemaker “groomed, repeatedly sexually exploited, trafficked, and sexually assaulted” her.


New York-based attorney Carol M. Merchasin, who specializes in cases that allege sexual abuse in spiritual communities, is one of the attorneys representing GM.

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