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Why feminism is more important than ever in 2023 (Thred)

Why feminism is more important than ever in 2023 – Thred Website
Women have always been fighting for their rights, and the string of violence over the past few years shows an even greater need for it.


Sarah Everard’s murder by a Met Police officer sparked a movement around women’s public safety. Vigils and protests were held and two years later the force was condemned for routine sexism.

Women are now less likely to report a sexual assault to the police. The fear of walking the streets of England alone and constant sexism demonstrate that women need to fight for their rights now more than ever.

‘I think it’s a terrible time now in society for women,’ says international feminist attorney Ann Olivarius. ‘We have girls coming here who have been sexually assaulted, and sexual assault is an epidemic.’

‘We have a huge screaming need for a women’s movement to tackle those issues, and the men should be joining it too. It should be a men’s and women’s movement.’

Ann has spent over four decades tackling cases from human rights abuses to racial and gender discrimination, sexual assault and rape. From working during the second wave to now, she says her work is still as difficult as it’s always been.