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What Does Gender Bias Mean? And How Can I Protect Myself From It? A Lawyer Weights In… (Harper’s Bazaar)

Georgina Calvert-Lee speaks to Harper’s Bazaar about the new ways in which women are being discriminated against during the pandemic, and how calling sex discrimination can elicit meaningful change.
Georgina shares what led her into being a lawyer and her own experience of discrimination early in her career.

Put in a grievance, and call it out for what it is – discrimination – that gives you more protection. Keep a log of what’s happened, so you know the dates and can refer to them. If enough women do that, then I think companies would clean up their workplace and behave better. If you have the strength to call it out, the law is there to help you.

Photo of Georgina Calvert-Lee's interview/profile in Harper's Bazaar magazine.
The article first appeared in print, in Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2021 issue.