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U of I sued over sexual misconduct (Illinois Times)


Two former University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students are suing the University of Illinois for failing to protect them from a professor they say was violent and exploitative. The lawsuit, filed last month in the Illinois Court of Claims, alleges the university focused on generating income from Chinese students at the cost of protecting students.


University officials “tried to keep things quiet, they tried to hush things up. They dropped reports, multiple times, in order to be able to keep the funding stream going,” said attorney Alison Wilkinson, who represents the former students.


Wilkinson said she hopes the lawsuit against the university will spark further change. “Policies that are not enforced are just words on paper,” she said. “What we really need to see is not beautifully written policies, but we need to see students who are aware of their rights … and a university that is there to protect them.