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The Downfall of Diddy Inc. (Bloomberg)


After months in court, Sean Combs withdrew his racially charged lawsuit against Diageo. A look inside that battle reveals the failed attempt of a fading hip-hop mogul—who’s been buffeted by charges of sexual assault—to salvage a crumbling business empire.


Ann Olivarius, a senior partner at McAllister Olivarius who’s representing a woman accusing Axl Rose of sexual assault in a separate New York case, says including the defendant’s business interests is an increasingly common strategy for victims, allowing them to potentially access a larger pool of assets for compensation and hold to account those who allow abuse to happen. “It’s the way that we’re bringing our cases now, too, because so often we have aiders and abettors in the music industry, the film industry,” Olivarius says. (Rose’s lawyer describes Olivarius’ client’s claim as “fictional.”)

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to explore your legal options, our experienced team will be happy to guide you during a free and confidential call. We understand that revisiting traumatic experiences can be extremely difficult, and our trauma-informed staff will take every care to minimise the impact this has on your wellbeing. Our mission is to advocate for your justice and recovery.