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Press Release: Sophie Walker joins McAllister Olivarius as Chief Strategy Officer

It is with great excitement that we announce Sophie Walker, Chief Executive of the Young Women’s Trust and founding leader of the Women’s Equality Party, is joining McAllister Olivarius as Chief Strategy Officer.

Commenting on the move, Sophie has said:

“I’m delighted to accept an exciting offer from a hero of mine. Ann Olivarius, who coined the phrase ‘date rape’, has been at the forefront of defining and prosecuting revenge porn and is a leading legal expert in sex discrimination and violence against women, has asked me to join her US-UK firm at a time when ‘activist lawyers’ – to coin a government phrase – have never been more needed.

“COVID is deepening already entrenched inequalities. Women are losing paid work, public representation and profile. Violence and online abuse is soaring. And the law, the last bastion for many, is squaring up to be the central battleground for social justice.”

Read the full press release, here.