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Wendy Purcell hires discrimination lawyers as Plymouth University prepares final report (THE)

Managing Partner Dr Jef McAllister has featured in Times Higher Education, in an article about our client, Plymouth University Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Purcell. She has been a transformational Vice-Chancellor, raising the University’s profile, student quality, income and rankings. She has been put on leave due to allegations we consider wholly unfounded.   

According to the article:

Jef McAllister, managing partner at McAllister Olivarius, told THE that Professor Purcell had issued a ‘thorough rebuttal to the special committee’s charges’. He described her as a ‘successful vice-chancellor’ who is respected ‘amongst staff, students and the wider community’, who ‘loves Plymouth and wants to go back to work’.

The article also suggested that Professor Purcell may have a claim for sex discrimination if she is dismissed, which, if proven, carries uncapped damages.

Professor Purcell has been Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University since 2007. Since then, Plymouth has been transformed into one of the most celebrated and distinctive modern universities in the world. It has become a top 40 UK research university, and it has been named as one of the ten best business incubation facilities in Britain.