Online harassment legal advice

Our basic service allows you to consult with our legal professionals after you fill out a detailed online questionnaire describing your circumstances. The total cost of this consultation is $600/ £550 (including VAT).   

After we complete our review of the questionnaire, we will discuss it with you. If we think you have legal options, we’ll let you know, and you can decide what to do. You have no obligation to proceed. Any information you give us is confidential. 

We offer this service at a fixed, affordable rate because we are committed to providing victims of non-consensual pornography and other online abuse with high quality legal advice. Our focus is helping our clients take back control of their lives and their images. 

We don’t want to add to the anxiety and insecurity that victims of revenge pornography are already feeling. Therefore, we’ve tried to ensure that our pricing is transparent, and people know what they’re signing up for before they engage with us. 

If you are interested in booking a consultation, please contact us using the form below. In the form, please let us know the name of the perpetrator(s) so that we can check that we can legally represent you without any conflict. If we can represent you, we will send you our engagement letter for your signature together with payment instructions for the consultation fee.

How our consultations work

To provide you with the right advice, we need to learn about your case in detail. Our service is a streamlined way to gather and analyze your information to provide tailored advice. The information you provide is confidential. 

Step 1: Conflict check and engagement

As discussed above, the first step after we receive your query (including the name of the perpetrator(s) is a conflict check and if we have no conflict, we’ll send you an engagement letter. Please review the terms. If you agree with them, and want to proceed, you’ll let us know and pay our fee. This establishes a clear lawyer-client relationship between us. 

Step 2: You fill out the questionnaire

We will send you a link to our online questionnaire. It has detailed questions about your case designed to help us quickly understand the important aspects.  

Step 3: Review and consultation

We will review your materials and schedule a phone consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss the legal options available. From our experience, this will take about half an hour. 

Every case is different. If we don’t think you have any legal options, we will do our best to suggest other non-legal steps you can take to help yourself. If we believe you have legal options, we will discuss them with you to explain benefits, risks, and the overall process, including a cost estimate. You are never obligated to pursue a legal case with us. You are in control of choosing what’s right for you. 

After the consultation

If we find during the consultation that you have a legal case, there are different options that might be right for you.
These include:

  • Cease and desist letter: A letter to the perpetrator detailing his or her conduct and the laws that this conduct violates. This sometimes will make the perpetrator cool down and stop. 
  • Civil suits: Sometimes the law permits you to sue your perpetrator in civil court for non-consensual pornography, harassment, blackmail, or other related causes of action. If you succeed, you can receive money damages. 
  • “Right to be Forgotten” requests: In some countries, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can be asked to remove links to certain content. This is an evolving area of law and successful requests require close attention to exact criteria necessary for removal. 
  • Preparing a detailed timeline: We can work with you to prepare a detailed timeline of what happened and organize your evidence. You can use this when filing a police report, or to support a criminal complaint by providing it to the prosecutor, or to build your own civil case. 
  • Takedown requests: This is a request to a website, search engine, social media site or pornography site to take down non-consensual pornography, cyberbullying, or cyberstalking content. It can include requests to stop violating copyright in some cases.
  • Civil injunctions: This is a motion filed with a court to order the perpetrator to immediately stop their conduct.  


Please note that contacting us via this page does not create a lawyer-client relationship. We are only able to provide legal advice about the laws of the jurisdictions where our attorneys are licensed:  

  • England & Wales 
  • US states: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Virginia. 

Please consult us only if you or the perpetrator come from one of those jurisdictions, or if the image abuse originated there.   

If you wish to proceed, please provide us with some basic information about yourself and the person you believe is responsible for the online harassment. 

  • Please include as much information as possible.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.