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Mount Sinai Health System and Management Team Sued for Sex and Age Discrimination

We have filed a complaint at the district court in New York on behalf of seven current and former female employees, and one former male employee, of Mount Sinai hospital’s Arnhold Institute for Global Health. The plaintiffs accuse the institution and four management level staff of discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, and national origin.

The eight plaintiffs claim that after Dr. Prabhjot Singh was named director of the institute at only 32-years-old, the new director deliberately marginalized and undermined female employees, especially women in senior leadership roles, and attempted to force the employees to resign.

This was not just a normal office disagreement about goals or methods; Dr. Singh publicly disparaged the competence of women in senior leadership and made their working lives miserable until they were finally forced out.

Singh is also being accused of turning a blind eye to a toxic workplace culture. Singh’s Chief of Staff David Berman often screamed violently at women and have called women “bi****” and “c****”.

Many of the plaintiffs have found their lives upended, full of sleepless nights, anxiety, ill health, and their careers moved off track.