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“No More Model ‘Abuse’ and ‘Exploitation”’ – Ann Olivarius and McO client Ashley Grace featured in Variety’s coverage of the Fashion Workers Act.


Ashley Grace, an actor and the wife of Topher Grace, recently joined the Model Alliance after coming forward with her own story. In 2008, when she was 19 years old, a high-profile photographer sexually assaulted her during a test shoot, according to a lawsuit she filed in November. She believes her abuse could have been prevented if the Fashion Workers Act existed. 

“Ashley knew the photographer wasn’t lying when he said he could make or break her career — a career that had never been in Ashley’s own hands,” says Grace’s attorney Ann Olivarius of the law firm McAllister Olivarius. “As long as models are legally treated as a disposable class of workers, with no rights and little opportunity to control their own careers, dependent on the whims of their agency and the goodwill of photographers, models will be vulnerable to abuse.”’ 

A photo of former model and actress Ashley Grace.
Ashley Grace

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