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McO colleague talks to CNN about how she dealt with cyber harassment on Virgin Atlantic Flight

Jessica speaks to HLN, CNN’s sister network, about her experience.

We are extremely proud, but not at all surprised, of the swift and efficient way Jessica Van Meir handled the situation. She’s speaking up for women everywhere harassed while simply going about their day, and we are thrilled to have her in our office.

“The unwelcome messages appeared to come from a group of passengers sitting behind her, who she passed on the way to the restroom.

One message named her seat number specifically and called her “tidy babe.” Another message from a different seat number says “welcome to hell.”

Van Meir, who is a paralegal and works for a firm that specializes in sexual harassment litigation, responded:

“I work for a law firm that specializes in online sexual harassment. Enjoy being reported to virgin.”

Photo of Jessica Van Meir, Senior Legal Analyst at McAllister Olivarius.
Jessica is a Senior Legal Analyst at McAllister Olivarius.