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McAllister Olivarius represents professors in filing complaint against Wheelock College

Represented by McAllister Olivarius, professors Gail Dines and Eric Silverman of Wheelock College have filed federal workplace discrimination complaints alleging religious bias by the college, which has damaged their careers and reputations. The Boston Globe reports that Dines and Silverman, both Jewish professors, claim they faced anti-Semitic discrimination after they wrote a letter in 2014 with four other colleagues that expressed concern about a lack of inclusion of Jewish perspectives at Wheelock.  

Since that letter, the Globe reports, Wheelock President Jackie Jenkins-Scott and other administrators reacted with “fury and retaliation” that included “false accusations of racism against Silverman that were disseminated widely across campus, according to Silverman’s 40-page complaint.” Silverman was further blocked from applying to several administrative positions. Dines’s complaint includes similar allegations alongside claims specific to her experiences. Gail Dines is a tenured professor of sociology and women’s studies and chair of American studies at Wheelock, and Eric Silverman is a tenured professor of American studies, psychology and human development.

Given that Wheelock College specializes in social work, social justice and early childhood education, Silverman told the Globe that he considers these biased and silencing incidents “the sort of ongoing pattern that was horrifying.” “The college is not living up to its reputation and it’s not living up to its core ethical values,” he continued.

After the Globe published its account, other news outlets also covered the story, including USA Today, and WGBH News in Boston.

McAllister Olivarius will be representing Silverman and Dines as the case unfolds.