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“Inside The Rubble Of Diddy’s Empire” – Dr. Olivarius quoted in Forbes Coverage


Sean Combs was once on a glide path to becoming a billionaire. But as sexual assault allegations and civil lawsuits mount, business partners have fled and his brands have become increasingly worthless. And the worst news may be yet to come.


And his prospects look grim for the near future. The six civil lawsuits against him alleging sexual assault will play out, along with the federal government’s investigation. It remains unclear what Combs might face from the federal government, as he has not been charged or accused of a crime, but there is legal precedent. Namely “RICO claims in sex trafficking,” says Dr. Ann Olivarius, an international attorney specializing in sexual abuse, gender discrimination, and human rights, citing the racketeering statute the U.S. government typically uses in such cases. Among the possible punishments Combs could face if charged and convicted under RICO, she adds, are enormous financial penalties and a long prison sentence. “This is not minor stuff. This is serious. So I think it’s going to be some more unpleasant days for, you know, this gentleman.”

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