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Harvey Weinstein’s conviction tossed in stunning reversal. What does it mean for #MeToo? – Dr. Olivarius’ quoted in USA Today


Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood mogul whose 2020 rape conviction catalyzed the #MeToo movement, may soon get his day in court − again.

On Thursday, a New York appeals court overturned his conviction on the grounds that testimony provided by women who had not brought cases against Weinstein could have prejudiced the jury against him.

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The testimony of women who had been abused by Weinstein but were not part of the lawsuit was relevant and vital, says Ann Olivarius, attorney with McAllister Olivarius, a New York- and London-based law firm.

“The women who reported being raped by Weinstein, those women are terrified,” she says. Which is why, she argues, it was important to allow the testimony of others with “information about reputation.”

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