Guidance on our fees and timelines – employee

Conflicts within the workplace are a fact of life and managing them can be difficult. You may feel you have been unfairly treated or discriminated against, and the prospect of raising these issues can be daunting. If you have a dispute with your employer, our employment team can help you.

We always want to achieve the best possible result for our clients. One aspect of high-quality work is providing you with the information you need to fight your case, which includes explaining how the process works and its costs.

US Pricing

We do not charge for an initial consultation. During the consultation, you will speak to one of our lawyers or legal analysts to provide more information about your situation. We will then determine appropriate next steps. We offer different fee arrangements depending on the case and the client, including hourly, fixed-fee and contingency.

UK Pricing

You can download the following PDF for guidance on UK employment advice fees and timelines.

If you have any questions on our fees, please contact our employment team to discuss your needs.