Family Law

Our lawyers have handled complex separations and divorces, prenuptial agreements, child arrangements, arrangements between unmarried partners and between partners who have both remarried, and mediations. We changed UK adoption law by challenging a local authority that refused to let a British-born couple of Indian heritage even apply. We know how to look for hidden assets and to stand up to bullying tactics, in both the US and UK.

Prenuptial Agreements

We have prepared prenuptial agreements for Americans marrying British people and vice versa, as well as for British couples and American couples. They can be a good vehicle for partners to understand their financial circumstances and prospects at marriage, and to protect assets in case of divorce. In one case, a client who divorced her husband with our prenuptial agreement in place liked the results enough to ask us to draft another one when she decided to remarry. Fair agreements provide the greatest emotional security and are the likeliest to be upheld.  

Divorce and Child Agreements

We have represented high net worth women and men in complex divorces in the US and UK, including ones with spouses in different countries. Our goal is to help couples work together amicably, particularly when it comes to finances. When that proves to be impossible, we work with expert forensic accountants who often find deeply hidden assets. We start from the viewpoint that trying to reach agreement privately and preserve healthy lines of communication, especially when children are involved, is the right place to aim, even if emotions are raw to start with.

Our work

Berkshire couple win race discrimination case over adoptionBerkshire couple win race discrimination case over adoption
Our clients the Manders, who were turned away from their local adoption agency because of their Indian heritage, won a landmark legal case and £120,000 worth of damages on the grounds of racial discrimination.

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