Data Protection and Privacy

All businesses hold large amounts of potentially sensitive data. Whether it belongs to employees or customers, this data can become a risk for any business that fails to handle it in an appropriate way. We can help you minimise this risk without compromising the value of your data. Central to our approach is working to understand the role data plays in your business so we can provide advice tailored to your commercial model and strategic goals.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them make the most of their data, from developing best-in-class data practices and comprehensive privacy and data protection policies, delivering staff trainings, issuing and defending litigation claims, and advising investors and sellers on the value of a target’s data.

McAllister Olivarius can provide guidance on:

  • All aspects of GDPR and data protection compliance (including conducting initial GDPR Audits)
  • Responding to Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), including what records must be kept, what you must disclose, and how to respond if an employee/customer is unhappy with the way their data has been handled.
  • Drafting GDPR-compliant contracts and data protection policies
  • Data risks and considerations in M&A and other commercial transactions

As a transatlantic firm we have particular expertise advising US-based clients on data usage and potential GDPR issues. We also regularly help businesses understand their rights and liabilities when it comes to international data transfers between the UK, US and EU.

Our team’s experience in both data protection and discrimination law means that we can protect you and your staff from any risk of discriminatory practices when it comes to handling data.

If you have a data-related matter or would like to discuss potential or ongoing data compliance issues, please contact Honza Cervenka or fill in our contact form