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Finland Is Trying to Outlaw Unsolicited Dick Pics (VICE)

Finland Is Trying to Outlaw Unsolicited Dick Pics
There are also questions about whether such laws could constitute an overregulation of sexual speech, or whether they could be weaponized to harass sex workers.


Last week, the Finnish justice ministry announced that it will draft and propose legislation that would make sending unsolicited nudes a criminal offence. 

If the legislation passes, offenders could face a fine or up to six months of prison time, depending on how severe the sentence is. It would also expand the legal definition of rape to include nonconsensual sex, whereas the current definition requires physical violence or threat of violence. The proposed legislation comes within a larger movement in the Nordic countries to update often outdated sexual violence and harrasment laws.


Laws like the one that Finland’s justice ministry is proposing can be a step in the right direction, says Honza Cervenka, a lawyer working for McAlister Olivarius, a law firm specializing in revenge porn and cyberbullying. But, he cautioned, they’re not a panacea. The police still need to do their part, and that’s far from a guarantee.