In the Media

He got me drunk. Secretly filmed us having sex. Then showed the world. (International Business Times)


About a month after we found the videos and the Atlanta police denied our case, we contacted the law firm McAllister Olivarius. After hearing our story, senior partner Ann Olivarius agreed to take our case on. She has been a such a powerful force in our case, a hero in the wake of the devastation but also an inspiring role model for those who care about women’s rights, equality and justice. 

It’s been over three years since we contacted her and began our long fight for justice. We went to the police in 2015 and tried to bring criminal revenge porn charges against the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the revenge porn law passed in the UK in April of 2015 does not apply retroactively, so the police could not help me. We didn’t give up hope though, and decided to pursue the first civil revenge porn case in UK history, against both my ex, and the sites that shared and hosted the videos. 

Yesterday, we won. After the hearing I proposed to my girlfriend Bria on the steps of the High Court in London. She said yes. 

I successfully sued my ex for harassment, breach of confidence, and misuse of private information. I am proud to say I am the first person to ever win a civil revenge porn case in the British courts.