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McAllister Olivarius Covid-19 Contingency Plans

Covid-19 Contingency Plans

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, families, suppliers and clients is of paramount importance to all of us at McAllister Olivarius. We  have been closely following the international developing news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and follow all guidelines we receive from government advisors and health professionals. We remain fully operational, having taken a number of precautions and made strategic changes.

We have already taken a number of specific low-key internal measures such as making available alcohol-based hand sanitizers and ensuring effective frequent sanitizing of work surfaces and areas. Our staff is well trained and equipped to deal with emergencies to ensure continued business operations and delivery of services.  If any of our employees chooses or is advised to stay away from work due to illness or risk, they will be supported and equipped to perform their job functions remotely.

  • All key McAllister Olivarius staff are equipped with laptop computers and mobile phones which provide efficient remote access. Additionally, many have full access through fully serviced home based offices.
  • All our software, database platforms and digital tools are cloud based; they can be accessed by staff remotely from anywhere.
  • We have softphone technology, call and conferencing, text messaging and email systems which are fully supported via remote connectivity software.
  • Members of McAllister Olivarius staff are routinely cross trained across practice and service areas to ensure appropriate coverage of key departmental duties and support during staff absences.
  • McAllister Olivarius staffing levels allow for significant staff absence at any given time and we are in continuous contact with all our staff regarding their operational status ensuring continued service at all times.
  • Negative client impact even in a worst-case, emergency scenario is anticipated as minimal.

Please contact us with any additional questions or comments. We thank you for the relationship you have with our firm.