Church of England allocates £150 million to compensate survivors and victims of abuse

The Church of England has announced that it will launch a National Redress Scheme to help compensate survivors and victims of Church-related abuse.

The scheme follows a damning report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which investigated institutional failures to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales.

In February, the Church of England published further details of its National Redress Scheme. The Scheme is expected to open in Autumn 2024, with further details of how it will operate expected to be announced over the coming months.

What we know about the Church of England National Redress Scheme

  • The Church of England National Redress Scheme will be open for five years (i.e., to Autumn 2029).
  • The Scheme will cover all victims of sexual, physical, psychological and spiritual abuse.
  • To be eligible for compensation, applicants must show that they were abused by someone in authority in the Church of England. Even if the person who abused you was not an authority figure, you may still be eligible for compensation if you can demonstrate that you had reasonable grounds to believe the person was in a position of authority.
  • Victims and survivors of abuse will be eligible for compensation even if they are no longer resident in the United Kingdom.
  • Likewise, victims who were abused outside the United Kingdom will be able to apply for compensation under the Scheme.
  • Parents and children of abuse victims will be able to bring claims on behalf of a deceased relative.
  • The Scheme will cover some of the legal costs associated with bringing a claim.
  • Victims and survivors will be eligible for financial compensation as well as therapy, spiritual and emotional support, an apology and on acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the Church.
  • The Church has already allocated £150 million to cover the cost of compensating its victims.

If you suffered abuse within the Church of England, we may be able to help you bring a claim.

Although the Scheme is not currently open, we will be happy to speak to anyone who experienced abuse at the hands of the Church. Our solicitors have represented hundreds of victims seeking compensation through similar schemes, including the Lambeth Children’s Home Redress Scheme. As the processes involved in the Church of England National Redress Scheme are likely to be fairly similar we will be able to give you an early assessment of your likely claim and will be able to support you through the process once the Scheme opens.

I want to thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do for the victims of sexual abuse in care homes. It must help many of the victims to get redress and recognition of the abuse they suffered whilst in the care of people who were meant to help them. At times it must be harrowing, and it certainly cannot be easy for you to deal with it. I very much appreciate all that you have done and are doing to help those who, at the time of their lives when they needed help, were instead abused in the most horrific way. I have the utmost respect for you and your team.

Confidential client, Lambeth Redress Scheme

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work on my Redress Scheme case and for giving me the perseverance to see it through. This has really changed my life.

Confidential client, Lambeth Redress Scheme

I appreciate all the work you have put in representing me over the last two and a half years.  Wishing you all the best, and may others be blessed and benefit from your services.

Confidential client, Lambeth Redress Scheme

More about our work:

To date, McAllister Olivarius has secured almost £4m in compensation for our clients under the Redress Scheme.
We have won landmark cases that have extended protections for victims of sexual abuse and helped thousands of people obtain justice.

If you experienced abuse at the hands of the Church of England are thinking about filing a claim, contact us now for a confidential discussion of your options.

McAllister Olivarius has a proud history of helping victims and survivors fight their abusers. We know how difficult it can be to discuss traumatic incidents from your past, but our experienced, trauma-informed solicitors will help guide you through the entire process.

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