We #ChooseToChallenge

Collaged photo of McAllister Olivarius people with their hands up for International Women's Day 2021.

We choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.

#ChooseToChallenge with us.

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hashtag: 'Choose to Challenge'.
Photo of lawyer Dr. Ann Olivarius with paperwork.
Dr. Ann Olivarius, Senior Partner
A graphic with text about Dr. Ann Olivarius student rape case.
#ChooseToChallenge Dr. Ann Olivarius#ChooseToChallenge Dr. Ann Olivarius
Dr. Olivarius shares how she’s chosen to challenge gender bias and inequality.

Challenging the laws on revenge porn

Georgina’s greatest cases:

Graphic on Emma Chapman's case for International Women's Day.
Graphic on the Warwick Rape Chat case for International Women's Day.

Kelsey Murrell, Associate, chooses to challenge employers to stop silencing their employees

On International Women’s Day this year, I challenge employers to be transparent with their employees about their rights, what they’re allowed to speak about, and to not over-use confidentiality obligations to silence them.

hashtag: 'Choose to Challenge'.
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Article preview '5 ways women are losing out during Covid - and how to fight back'

Sophie Walker and Kelsey Murrell explain your rights as a women in Covid, in a HuffPost feature for International Women’s Day.

From furlough and redundancy, to maternity leave, working hours and harassment – know your rights, and how to fight back.

Sabine Cardio, Associate, chooses to challenge employers to create environments free from harassment and discrimination

hashtag: 'Choose to Challenge'.

In 2021, on International Women’s Day, I challenge employers to create environments that are free from harassment and discrimination for their staff

Graphic on Sabine's immigration work for International Women's Day.
We Are The City's Choose To Challenge graphic.

Sophie Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, was one of 100 women highlighted in WeAreTheCity’s #ChooseToChallenge for gender equity campaign – #ChooseToChallenge100.

Sophie shares her story of what she chooses to challenge this International Women’s Day:

#ChooseToChallenge100 - Sophie Walker#ChooseToChallenge100 – Sophie Walker